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About Us



{Owner of Styles Secrets Labs}.

We are here to help improve your health, skin, hair and lifestyle through our wide range of quality unique products.

An appointment with us will change your life!


Our company is mainly a manufacturing and wholesale company. Our wholesales business opportunity was created for people who wish to make additional income and not only depend on a regular job.

We can also be private labeled to create your name skin and hair care line, we can help you from start to finish on how to start your own skin and hair care business. We offer ready to label products and bulk bases to use as it is or modify to become your own, and to create custom products exclusively for you. We focus on quality, sustainability, and science-backed formulas with low minimum order quantities. Styles Secrets skin and hair care products are formulated with the best sourced safe active ingredients. We’ve built a reputation for quality and consistency, and we believe everyone should understand what’s in their skin and hair care products. 


We offer

Private Label + Wholesale + Retail 

Skincare, Bodycare and Haircare products. Including Nutritional products, Courses, etc

My brief story


Hello, the name is Ngozi popularly known as Ng Styles, Founder of Styles Secrets Labs - (maker of men, women and kids skin and hair care products) located in USA.



In 2017 I started making my own skincare  products. I will admit that it wasn't an easy process, but I'm glad that I can make my skincare products myself and I felt a sense of accomplishment and control over what goes on my skin. I started my youtube channel (Ng Styles Skincare tips) to create videos and share my recipes, tips and tricks with people who might be interested in making their skincare products themselves too.  As I became a safe skincare enthusiast User, I did more research, enrolled in courses/schools and learned so much more about how to develop better more innovating skincare products. Today, I have successfully developed and manufactured lots of safe skincare products that works for different skin types, and I have been producing and selling my products here on my website only.

My skincare products are available for sale at the shop section of this website for my interested followers who want to use, re-sell or rebrand. Our line of  skin care products are centered upon hyperpigmentation/acne, aging-care, brightening,  glow, nourishing and healthy skin.

Our mission is to make your skin look healthy, beautiful and radiant!

I will have updates, Videos, Reviews, Notes and Lessons on here and on my social media platforms such as my youtube channels, Instagram, facebook, tiktok, pinterest, etc.  Please go Subscribe and follow!     @stylessecretslabs

Talk to Us

You'll find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. Great news, in-depth ingredient and our product reviews from customers, how-to-videos and of course, special offers and coupons are all there waiting for you to join the party.

You can also reach us at and through our phone +1 240-903-0766. Your opinion matters to us and truly helps shape the next generation of products and services we offer.

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