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Are you ready to launch your own brand with our Ready for your Label products? Congratulations!

Ready for your Label product is quick, easy, tried and true shelf ready products chosen for fast turn around.


Ready for your Label is same as white label products as clients buy, brand and re-sell them directly from their online market places, salon and spa stores.

Our Ready for your Label skin and hair care products are pre-packaged into retail sized container packs of 6, - 24, - 48, that are ready for your brand label. We recommend this program to beginners as it's the fastest way to start your own cosmetic brand, and also a great way to try out new products with your customers.

Our Collections:

- Brightening care products

- Mature/Dry skin products

- Nourishing care products

- AHA Exfoliating products

- Acne/Oily skin care products

- Babies & Kids care products

- Lip care products

- Men personal care products

- Eye care products

- Handmade Soap bars

- Haircare products

* Each product minimum is (6) units per selected product. [Save more when you order more]!

* All products are availabe in Bulk sizes of upto 5000 +. [ Call us for larger order of over 3000+]

* There will be no labels on the containers, but will have them on the box or pack with informations needed to create your own labels.

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